Diorama in NY

Join Rocío Cerón for the presentation of “Diorama” and a discussion with novelist José Manuel Prieto about the process of writing the book and the multidisciplinary pieces created from the poems.

A diorama is a fragment, a woven texture, a vision that condenses cuts, segments and halts. This book emerges from a collector’s path. It is a traveling poem, an interchangeable poem, where verses do not die but are transformed. Diorama is also sound, loop, jumble: a linguistic taxidermy.

Rocio Ceron was born in Mexico City in 1972. Her work is experimental, combining poetry with music, performance and video. Her books of poetry include Basalto (2002), Imperio/Empire (2009) and Tiento (2011). Her poems have been translated into English, French, Swedish, Finnish and German.

Friday, February 15 at 7pm McNally Jackson Books, NY


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